The trademark Nid d'Ange

The French trademark NID D´ANGE made in 2013 is a new lingerie trademark for expectant mothers. This lingerie is both modern and womanly, daring and very comfortable.

NID D´ANGE tells us a life history — the body of the woman who is going to have a baby.

This body becomes a nest (nid) and protection; it must preserve its gentleness, and must always stay in comfort. This comfortable and beautiful lingerie spares expectant and new mothers the trouble to choose between comfort and womanliness. The collection also offers leisurewear/home clothing and swimsuits.

The selection of materials is extremely important. It defines high quality. The delicacy and durability of materials are primary factors for high quality fabric
NID D´ANGE combines fascinating womanliness and real happiness to have a baby.

This French collection of European high quality is produced in Russia and created by Vanessa Schleimer, a young French designer.

A comprehensive collection consisting of brassieres for expectant mothers and for nursing as well as panties, shorts, thongs, camisoles, nightwear, lingerie and swimsuits.

NID D´ANGE is a modern answer to the new mother for her body.

We kindly invite you to discover this new trademark...

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