Nid d´ange can offer you as follows:

› Style

Nid d’ange is a modern trademark with new trends and innovations.
Our collections for pregnant women make it possible for expectant and new mothers to stay charming and follow the fashion.

› Comfort

Nid d’ange will free expectant and nursing mothers from making a difficult choice between comfort and womanliness. This is why,

  • our bra cups are padded with cotton or microfiber to give maximum softness;
  • our underwire provides the necessary support and comfort;
  • our protective underwire is made from the most delicate microfiber and reinforced with spongy material in order to protect your breast;
  • the four-positional microfiber closures make it possible to change the size of your back.

› Shapes

  • our lingerie is specially invented for pregnant women with a tendency to practicability to make the breast-feeding easier, and to give more pleasure wearing it;
  • our wireless and seamless models make you feel your body to make it more comfortable at the end of pregnancy or when you begin breast-feeding;
  • our maternity belt models will help you support your belly at the end of pregnancy or keep it as if in a maternity belt;
  • our body belts will help you after the child birth support your belly and the small of the back and give good proportions to your figure

› Materials

All Nid d’ange models are made from high quality materials of Italian, French and German origin.
The delicacy of our materials is very significant for us as well as their durability.

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